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 Abbott Gary Attorney (205)424-4090 
 Abbott Gary W Attorney (205)426-0222 
 Allsup Michael L. Attorney (205)428-0702 
 Allums S Scott (205)425-7001 
 Armstrong Ralph L Pc Attorney (205)424-8255 
 Ausman Keyes And Keyes Pc (205)428-5877 
 Bains And Terry (205)425-1606 
 Beasley George W Jr Attorney At Law (205)497-8701 
 Biggers Calvin D Attorney (205)426-2529 
 Bingham Ellis D Iii Attorney (205)424-5551 
 Bingham Ellis D. Iii Attorney (205)424-5550 
 Brian C Bugge Attorney At Law (205)426-6061 
 Brobston E L Attorney (205)425-4361 
 Cheatham Vincent Attorney (205)426-1883 
 Clay Neil C Attorney (205)426-2020 
 Clay Neil C Attorney (205)428-7603 
 Clay Neil C Attorney (205)481-9989 
 Davis And Beasley Attorneys At Law Llc (205)497-3033 
 Davis Dan Attorney At Law (205)491-8220 
 Donald W Stewart Pc (205)425-1166 
 Dow Ginette A Attorney (205)425-2223 
 Fawwal And Fawwal Pc (205)428-4141 
 Freeman V. Edward Ii Attorney (205)424-1150 
 Furner And Trammell Llc (205)426-1276 
 Gallet And Associates (205)426-3880 
 Gorham And Waldrep (205)424-8703 
 Green And Bivona Pc (205)425-1665 
 Hardy Clifford W Jr Pc Attorney (205)428-7348 
 Harris James E Attorney (205)322-5800 
 Higginbotham George Milton Attorney (205)425-3214 
 Hobdy David Attorney (205)426-8391 
 Holliman John R Attorney (205)424-5494 
 Hood Yusuf Attorney (205)424-8876 
 Huseman Thomas Jeffrey Attorney (205)426-1426 
 Jewell Billy C Attorney (205)424-6300 
 Jones Stephen H Attorney At Law (205)428-2110 
 Keith D Preston Attorney (205)426-4525 
 Kelly Thomas L Attorney (205)424-1185 
 Kynard Horace W Attorney At Law (205)426-1200 
 Lampkin Paula F Attorney At Law (205)428-0055 
 Laplante Andrew (205)424-3800 
 Lippert Kathryn L (205)426-3705 
 Lipscomb Bert Attorney (205)428-8488 
 Lipscomb Powell Attorney (205)428-8487 
 Mcdougal Jackie Attorney (205)426-3000 
 Mcdougal Jackie Attorney (205)426-3163 
 Moore Kenneth L Attorney (205)426-1111 
 Moore Tucker And Hall Attorneys (205)425-5711 
 Payne Chandra Attorney At Law (205)491-7575 
 Pringle Laster And Mosby (205)426-1064 
 Rains Christopher P Md (205)481-7842 
 Ritchie Clinton (205)491-0085 
 Robinson Carl R Md Jd (205)481-7370 
 S Scott Allums P C (205)426-7080 
 Short William A Jr And Associates (205)426-1463 
 Singleton Joan Attorney (205)425-5059 
 Smith Jane Creekmore Attorney At Law (205)428-4248 
 Spencer Carey Attorney At Law (205)424-3302 
 Stewart James L Attorney (205)428-3115 
 The Law Offices Of John T Stamps Iii Ivan (205)424-8370 
 The Law Offices Of Washington Lloyd And Henderson (205)424-5722 
 Thomason And Shores Llc (205)428-7890 
 Tim Arnold Attorney At Law (205)428-4888 
 Tindle John (205)424-1188 
 Tumlin Edward D (205)424-6868 
 Tunstall Minnie L Attorney (205)426-1099 
 Velarde Casandra D Attorney At Law (205)428-2922 
 Vines Edward B Attorney At Law (205)425-3630 
 Wheeler And Scozzaro Attorneys (205)428-0040 
 Wollitz Jason L Attorney (205)426-6770