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 Adoption Legal Services (509)462-3678 
 Affordalawyer By Cooney (509)467-6022 
 Agman Richard C Attorney (509)328-3968 
 Albrecht Kenneth J (509)455-6822 
 Algeo Clarke And Erickson (509)328-6123 
 All Washington Legal Clinic (509)326-3600 
 Allan Aurlo Bonney (509)328-1896 
 Alleman Joe R Legal Administrator (509)838-6131 
 Allen And Mclane P.c. (509)777-2211 
 Allison Paul J Attorney (509)755-7000 
 Alpenhaus Attorney (509)747-0102 
 Andersen F Dayle Attorney (509)326-8200 
 Anderson Steven O. Attorney (509)624-5265 
 Andrews And Swindler Ps (509)325-6652 
 Andrews Robin D (509)624-5338 
 Arpin Law Office Spokane (509)838-9066 
 Asan Andrea L. Attorney (509)455-3647 
 Ashenbrener Christopher R Attorney (509)535-2400 
 Axtell Bradley J Attorney Axtell And Briggs (509)326-1332 
 Backman And Blumel P.s. (509)487-1651 
 Baker Elizabeth F Attorney (509)835-5000 
 Baker William Attorney (509)327-7567 
 Balch Brian C. Attorney (509)455-8883 
 Bantz William B Attorney (509)838-4458 
 Barbe David (509)252-5050 
 Bardelli John A (509)926-9566 
 Barkdull Jeffrey Attorney (509)325-8422 
 Barnes Ned M Attorney (509)624-2713 
 Bartoletta Dominic M Attorney (509)328-3733 
 Bayley Michael J Attorney Paine Hamffn Brke And Mllr Llp (509)777-1087 
 Beach Robert E Iii (509)624-1389 
 Beatty Donna L. Attorney (509)928-7414 
 Bechtolt Law Offices (509)838-3601 
 Beckett Mayree J (509)325-8466 
 Beegle Michael C Attorney (509)327-7080 
 Beemer And Mumma (509)324-6411 
 Berg Roy A. Attorney (509)624-8888 
 Blair Jacke L. Attorney (509)455-7999 
 Bloom Gary N (509)624-4727 
 Bodker Drew M Attorney (509)456-5100 
 Bohrnsen Andrew C Law Office Of (509)838-2688 
 Boswell Law Firm P S (509)252-5088 
 Bowman John P Attorney (509)624-8988 
 Boyden Bruce R (509)327-3457 
 Brajcich Douglas J Pc Attorney (509)747-2002 
 Brajcich Gary D. Attorney (509)455-9077 
 Brandt Randy A Attorney (509)325-7133 
 Brant L Stevens Attorney At Law (509)325-3999 
 Brewer Lisa (509)325-3720 
 Brewster Jennifer Attorney (509)326-1910 
 Brock Corey F Attorney (509)622-4707 
 Brown Jane E. Attorney (509)455-6000 
 Brown Keith D. Attorney (509)747-2052 
 Brown Patricia L (509)448-1234 
 Bruce M. Nelson (509)325-2520 
 Bugbee Chris Attorney At Law (509)327-7277 
 Burke John J Attorney (509)838-8341 
 Burns Paul J Ps Attorney (509)327-2213 
 Byron G Powell Law Office (509)535-6200 
 C K Heaverlo (509)747-6877 
 Caldwell Law Offices P S (509)325-7522 
 Callen Mark B Attorney (509)459-0386 
 Campbell John W. Attorney (509)624-9219 
 Carey Marla S. Attorney (509)838-4261 
 Carlson David J (509)465-2499 
 Carroll Charles V Attorney (509)624-8200 
 Carroll Joseph G Ps (509)928-2345 
 Carter Lisette F. Attorney (509)455-5200 
 Caruso Robert E Attorney (509)323-5210 
 Casey Brandon R Attorney (509)326-7500 
 Center For Justice (509)835-5211 
 Chalich Shawn S Attny (509)928-4884 
 Charles T Conrad (509)924-4825 
 Chavez Mary Ps (509)326-4162 
 Chlarson Melissa K. Attorney (509)455-9555 
 Ciani Lynn Ann Esq (509)462-1210 
 Cikutovich Frank L Stiley Madel Cikutovich Pllc (509)323-9000 
 Clark John R. Attorney (509)926-4900 
 Clary Raymond F. Attorney (509)747-9100 
 Clay Paul E Attorney (509)838-8330 
 Cleveland Charles A Ps (509)326-1029 
 Cocco David L Attorney (509)325-4655 
 Coleman Kenneth Attorney (509)838-2425 
 Collazo Jesus Thomas Attorney (509)487-7149 
 Collins Tracy Scott (509)326-1020 
 Colton Wendy L. Attorney (509)458-2750 
 Colwell Clark Attorney (509)838-7536 
 Conlin Mark J Attorney (509)624-3020 
 Conrad C. Lysiak (509)624-1475 
 Continental Land Company (509)624-3241 
 Coombs Roger A Attorney At Law (509)893-0205 
 Cooney John And Associates Ps (509)326-2613 
 Costello And Mcburns Attorneys At Law (509)325-5222 
 Couey Jason Attorney (509)326-5160 
 Coufal Rebecca M. Attorney (509)328-5789 
 Cox Christian R Attorney Dunn And Black Ps (509)455-8711 
 Cressey Michael Attorney (509)252-5061 
 Critchlow Robert (509)327-9544 
 Cronin Dennis C. Attorney (509)328-5600 
 Crumb Steven A Attorney Crumb And Munding Ps (509)624-6464 
 Custom 1031 Inc (509)838-7574 
 Cutler Law Office (509)323-4847 
 Cynthia L Deleon Attry At Law (509)893-1233 
 Daggett David K. Attorney (509)624-2100 
 Dahlin Peter Attorney (509)891-8596 
 Dan J. Cadagan Iii (509)744-3440 
 David Hellenthal P C (509)325-8494 
 David Jacquot Jd Llm (tax) Pa (208)691-2479 
 David R Hearrean (509)324-7840 
 Davidson Medeiros (509)624-4600 
 Dawson Edward A. Attorney (509)328-4266 
 Decker Gregory L Attorney (509)924-0303 
 Dehaven Mark (509)327-7965 
 Delaney Robert S Attorney (509)534-4397 
 Delay Michael J Ps (509)624-3300 
 Dellwo Roberts And Scanlon P.s. (509)624-4291 
 Devlin Greg M. Attorney (509)327-5591 
 Devries Theresa Attorney (509)325-8274 
 Diana Carl Attorney (509)326-0973 
 Dickinson Lisa J. Attorney (509)838-6800 
 Domon Sheila Otoole Attorney (509)624-4104 
 Dompier Robert N (509)922-2009 
 Donohue Michael Judicialmediation Group (509)456-6850 
 Doran Thomas L Attorney At Law (509)777-0600 
 Douglas Dennis Attorney (509)624-4179 
 Dudley Matthew J Attorney At Law (509)534-9180 
 Dykman Brian K Attorney (509)324-0238 
 Eberle C Raymond Attorney Ps (509)924-9930 
 Ecton Douglas B (509)326-9345 
 Edelblute William Attorney At Law (509)928-3711 
 Edwards Douglas K Attorney (509)455-3713 
 Embree Susan E Attorney At Law (509)326-2125 
 Eng Carol L Attorney (509)838-6166 
 Eric M Steven (509)325-8777 
 Eugster Law Offices Psc (509)624-5566 
 Fischer Robert R (509)922-2008 
 Fitzpatrick Paul D Attorney (509)838-2038 
 Foster Pepper And Shefelman Pllc (509)777-1600 
 Frank James M Attorney (509)458-5861 
 Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic (509)838-2799 
 Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic (509)838-4858 
 Gaffneybrown Mary Ellen Attorney (509)624-6222 
 Gagliardi Joseph P Attorney Turner Stoeve Gglrdi Attorneys (509)326-1552 
 Gainer Gary J. Attorney (509)455-4201 
 Gales Martin (509)326-1817 
 Gambrel Alex Attorney (509)328-5550 
 Garvin Lawrence W Attorney Lee And Isserlis Ps Attorneys (509)326-1800 
 Gary Don Attorney (509)252-5007 
 Gasch David N Attorney (509)443-9149 
 Gates Kenneth W Attorney (509)838-2900 
 Gauper Allen M Attorney (509)838-2700 
 Geiger Thomas M Attorney (509)327-5347 
 Geissler R Bryan (509)928-0926 
 George R Guinn Attorney (509)464-2410 
 Gephart Ellen Flood Attorney (509)624-9822 
 Glanzer Keith A Legal Services Ps (509)326-4526 
 Glenn Cece (lana) Attorney (509)326-2840 
 Gobel Terry D Attorney At Law (509)624-4102 
 Goicoechea David A Attorney (509)325-8900 
 Gordon And Shogan (509)327-4436 
 Goss Edward J Attorney (509)327-1545 
 Grecco Diane Attorney At Law (509)462-2227 
 Greene Hedley W Attorney (509)458-5540 
 Gregory I.p. Law (509)245-3033 
 Grigel George G. Attorney (509)624-4276 
 Grimes Christopher Attorney (509)924-2400 
 Guinn George R Attorney (509)455-5241 
 Gustafson And Hogan P L L C (509)456-0400 
 Hamilton Frank C Psychologist (509)747-1508 
 Hammer Charles H (509)459-0391 
 Hancock John B Attorney (509)325-4576 
 Hanley Mark J Attorney (509)325-0590 
 Harkins Timothy J (509)325-5466 
 Harrington Julie Attorney At Law (509)532-9787 
 Haskell Stephen Attorney (509)443-9909 
 Hayden Richard J Ps Attorney (509)624-1111 
 Heath Elizabeth (509)465-1553 
 Hebner John R (509)838-4748 
 Heline Gregory R And Associates Law Office (509)326-4910 
 Hendrick Ellen Attorney (509)456-6036 
 Herbster Jeffrey Alan Attorney (509)462-0294 
 Herman David H Attorney (509)928-8310 
 Herman Lloyd A. Attorney (509)922-6600 
 Hertel Jerry Attorney (509)744-8555 
 Hill Scott Richard (509)326-6095 
 Hodgson Mark Attorney (509)327-1415 
 Hojnowski Claudia Attorney At Law (509)482-1981 
 Holden And Oreskovich P.s. (509)328-7700 
 Hoover Frank R (509)323-9595 
 Humphries Neil E (509)838-4148 
 Indahl Pamela J L Attorney (509)325-5353 
 Ireland Bruce L Attorney (509)326-4441 
 Jeffry K Finer (509)747-4900 
 Johnson Dan B Attorney At Law (509)483-5311 
 Johnstone Keith W Attorney (509)484-3717 
 Kagele Jerry L Attorney (509)624-0101 
 Kaiser Bruce Attorney (509)326-8008 
 Kamitomo Mark D (509)747-0902 
 Kaufman Leslie Loukkola Attorney At Law (509)326-7509 
 Kayne Richard B Attorney (509)328-3005 
 Kelleher Thomas M Attorneys (509)326-5445 
 Kelley F Dana Attorney (509)327-6216 
 Kellman Donald A Pc (509)325-8717 
 Kempner Stanley A Jr Attorney (509)484-1104 
 Kevin Oshaughnessy (509)323-1490 
 King Mark J (509)252-0010 
 Knauss Law Firm (509)462-0500 
 Knopf Brian P Pc (509)444-4445 
 Knox Mary Carroll Attorney At Law (509)455-5616 
 Landis Herbert J Attorney Olson Loeffler And Landis (509)467-6767 
 Law Office Of Lynne Buchanan (509)325-1667 
 Law Offices Of Steven Wee (509)926-2020 
 Ledlin Ian Attorney (509)838-6055 
 Lee And Hayes Pllc Intellectual Property Law (509)324-9256 
 Leland Richard M. Attorney (509)747-0101 
 Loft White And Mount (509)458-5555 
 Lowe Aaron L And Associates Ps (509)328-7033 
 Luciani Thomas R Stamper Rubensckr And Smth Ps Attorneys (509)326-4800 
 Lynch John P Ps Attorney (509)326-1888 
 Mack Paul B Attorney (509)624-2161 
 Madsen Dana C Attorney At Law (509)325-5600 
 Malone Kelly Attorney (509)326-0338 
 March Peter L Attorney (509)624-8204 
 Mark Edmund Vovos P.s. (509)326-5220 
 Mark Iverson Dba Attorney At Law (509)325-1808 
 Mcbride Elizabeth M (509)838-0435 
 Mccrea Regina M. Attorney (509)624-1347 
 Mcgarry Thomas R (509)327-2637 
 Mckelvey D E Jr Ps Attorney (509)458-3848 
 Mclaughlin Dennis And Associates Ps (509)624-3525 
 Mclean Law Office Pllc (509)325-1546 
 Mcmullen Law Office Ps (509)924-9816 
 Mcneill James Iii (509)777-1602 
 Mcnulty Norman R Attorney (509)327-7012 
 Meck Brian L Attorney (509)455-6711 
 Mediation Center Of Spokane Madeline Kardong (509)324-9052 
 Meyer Michael A (509)328-1545 
 Michael G Thompson (509)328-2040 
 Michael J. Riccelli P.s. (509)323-1120 
 Michael Kinkley D (509)484-5611 
 Michaelsen Law Office (509)323-3277 
 Milby Smith Thomas (509)327-9902 
 Miller And Prothero (509)747-8157 
 Miller Scott Law Office Of (509)325-1700 
 Mitchell Cheryl C Attorney Mitchell Law Office (509)327-5181 
 Montgomery John Attorney (509)924-3686 
 Montoya Fred O (509)444-6391 
 Moorestanley D And Associates (509)981-2541 
 Morris Jeff A Attorney Morris And Morris Ps (509)455-9080 
 Morrison Gregory S Attorney (509)325-1000 
 Moulton Law Offices (509)328-2150 
 Murray John P Attorney (509)534-9673 
 Nave Jeffrey Attorney (509)777-1601 
 Nayes Eric K Attorney (509)252-5072 
 Nees C Jon Nordstrom And Nees Ps (509)328-1630 
 Nelson Brian E Attorney At Law (509)462-2065 
 Nelson Jason Law Offices Ps (509)328-9499 
 Newcomb Jacqueline G Attorney (509)455-8990 
 Nordstrom Stephen L Nordstrom And Nees Ps (509)924-9800 
 Northwest Justice Project (509)324-9128 
 Northwest Trustee And Management (509)466-3024 
 Orourke Daniel Attorney (509)624-0159 
 Otto Rosemary L Attorney At Law (509)744-9559 
 Pacific Dispute Resolution Llc (509)462-6300 
 Pacific Estate Group Inc (509)458-3274 
 Painters District Council No 5 (509)928-3556 
 Paul John D Pllc Iii Attorney (509)328-9607 
 Penar Gary R Attorney (509)922-2345 
 Perdue Law Firm Ps (509)624-6009 
 Perednia Richard Attorney (509)624-1369 
 Perrizo Michael L (509)326-3502 
 Perry John C Ps Attorney At Law (509)455-8067 
 Peterson Leroy Jr (509)252-2883 
 Phelps Christian Attorney At Law (509)458-8900 
 Phillips Marc A Attorney Douglas Eden Phillps Drytr Ps (509)455-5300 
 Porter Finn Gloria Ps Attorney (509)444-2167 
 Pre Paid Legal Service (509)218-7329 
 Pugsley Robyn L Attorney (509)838-6600 
 Quantum Financial Planning Services Inc (509)328-6653 
 Ragen Brian Attorney (509)328-2698 
 Randall And Hurley Inc (509)838-5500 
 Rascoff Jonathan C Attorney (509)747-6048 
 Raugust And Hahn Pllc (509)921-9500 
 Reeves Jack R (509)464-0200 
 Rekofke Brian T Attorney (509)535-1198 
 Rembolt Michael Attorney (509)328-4749 
 Retirement And Estate Services (509)927-0216 
 Richard D. Wall P.s. (509)747-5646 
 Richard E Gilleran (509)484-5900 
 Riva Attorney At Law Grant W (509)326-2146 
 Robert Cossey And Associates (509)327-5563 
 Robert E Kovacevich Attorney (509)625-1913 
 Robert P. Stephens (509)328-1770 
 Robinson Guardian Services (509)468-5025 
 Roecks Law Firm P C (509)926-7511 
 Roff Michael B Attorney At Law (509)484-1122 
 Rowley Robert (509)252-5074 
 Rubens David N (509)484-7000 
 Rudman Law Office (509)838-6543 
 Ruhl Roger L (509)328-4880 
 Rukavina Louis Ps (509)459-3200 
 S. Edward Carroll Iii (509)487-3718 
 Saito Sharon Ann And Associates P L L C (509)327-3675 
 Salmon Andrew (509)252-5069 
 Sams Tedman S Attorney At Law (509)777-1100 
 Sayre And Sayre P.s. (509)325-7330 
 Schofield Duane Attorney At Law (509)536-6256 
 Schuchart Fred (509)484-3818 
 Scott R. Staab Attorney At Law (509)327-6100 
 Secure Care (509)444-6400 
 Sherman Teresa A (509)324-3331 
 Shogan Alexander J Jr Attorney Gordon And Shogan (509)327-3326 
 Smith Gregg R Attorney At Law (509)456-0883 
 Smith Thomas S Attorney (509)928-1100 
 Snow Terry L Attorney (509)326-3000 
 Sodemann Document Services Inc (509)455-6845 
 Sparks Lonnie F (509)325-8000 
 Spokane Closing And Escrow Inc (509)535-2250 
 Spruance Douglas Attorney (509)838-3828 
 Spurgetis James P Attorney (509)444-5141 
 Stanyer Brent T Attorney At Law (206)448-5400 
 Stenzel Gary R Attorney (509)327-2000 
 Stephen K Meyer (509)533-1511 
 Steve Talbot (509)455-8808 
 Stewart Kevin D Ps (509)327-1661 
 Stewart Title Of Spokane (509)328-7171 
 Strategic Consulting Services (509)838-8811 
 Stromberg And Stromberg (509)742-3456 
 Sweetser James R Attorney At Law (509)328-0678 
 Taylor F Lawrence Jr Attorney (509)328-8030 
 Team Child (509)323-1166 
 Thaheld Johann Attorney At Law Cpa (509)455-8000 
 Thompson Robert H Attorney Delay Cuhmpsn Pntrlo And Wlkr (509)455-9500 
 Tingley Sara L Attorney At Law (509)924-2590 
 Toreson Arthur H Jr (509)922-4666 
 Trageser Law Office (509)742-6680 
 Transnation Title Insurance Company (509)532-5000 
 Transnation Title Insurance Company (509)924-5000 
 Transnation Title Insurance Company Offices Below Formerly Sperling And B (509)467-5000 
 Transnation Title Insurance Company Offices Below Formerly Sperling And B (509)927-5000 
 Twyford Law Office (509)327-0777 
 Underwood Roger H (509)623-0163 
 Vaagen Priscilla Attorney (509)326-6779 
 Virginia Lauver And Associates (509)924-1422 
 Voermans Adrian J Attorney (509)325-2745 
 W. Russell Van Camp P.c. (509)326-6935 
 Watts Kenneth K (509)624-7881 
 Weigand John K Ps (509)838-1459 
 White Dean Attorney At Law (509)329-1001 
 Williams Brad L Ps (509)456-5270 
 Wilson Gregory M Attorney (509)325-8412 
 Wolkey Michelle K Attorney (509)324-9500 
 Woodard And Hughes (509)328-3777 
 Workland Gregory J (509)455-8557 
 Yuse Clement F Attorney (509)483-1089